Creating Family Traditions

My son frosting his dad’s birthday cake that he practically made by himself, while my daughter looks on and sneaks in a few sugary licks.

While I was growing up, there were certain things I could always count on. Birthdays meant my huge extended family gathering together for a celebration. Saturdays signified long reading sessions with mom and brother. Every Sunday, my mom spent hours in the kitchen making us a special brunch, which we happily polished off in minutes. And Santa and the Tooth fairy could always be counted on to visit.

Contrary to popular belief, family traditions don’t have to be age-old, elaborate or planned. By repeating things you enjoy doing with the ones you love, you automatically create comforting rituals.

Although my husband and I live oceans away from our parents and extended family, I think we are still rich in little rituals, which all of us eagerly look forward to. Some of our traditions are borrowed, while the rest are created by us.

Here are some of our traditions:

Birthday cakes are homemade with the kids assisting. My grandmother taught me how to bake, and I am passing it on to my kids.

We celebrate our wedding anniversary at Red Lobster every year. The restaurant has a special meaning for us from our dating days.

Dinners are always eaten together at the dining table. It is our special time to catch up with each other. We borrowed this tradition from my husband’s side of the family.

My husband reads to the kids almost every single night.

On most Saturday mornings, we head to the gym, then to lunch and then somewhere else fun.

Saturday nights also mean putting the kids to bed on time and enjoying “date night” with my husband.

Every winter, my husband and my son play Christmas carols and decorate our Christmas tree. They also take the tree down together after the first of the New Year.

On Christmas Eve, after the kids are tucked in, my husband and I enjoy a drink and wrap presents from ‘Santa.’

My kids enroll in the summer reading program at the library every year.

We play soccer in the spring and take swimming lessons in the summer.

What are some of your family traditions?

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5 Responses to Creating Family Traditions

  1. This one I fondly remember, every Sunday morning my dad took me. my brothers and cousins boating at a nearby lake and we followed that with icecream! It was the most wonderful day of the week 🙂

  2. Taryn says:

    We are still working on creating our own family traditions, and having fun while we do: we love taking the things we each loved from our childhoods and adapting them to our family. One of my favourites is what we call bed birthday: a birthday wake-up with obnoxious singing, present-opening, and lots of snuggles.

  3. thewhisperingbook says:

    HEY! This blog is sweet 🙂
    Damini here, btw. it’s fairly new… 🙂
    How are the kids?? Good, I hope 😀
    Missing you!

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