Minimize Toy Clutter and Clean-Up Time


The kids work/toys displayed on shelves for easy access.

The most widely used room in our home is the living room, which functions as the hub of activity for the kids. Keeping my space constraints in mind, I created a low-investment nook for them.

The Montessori Method, which I taught for years, came in handy while fashioning the play/work area for my preschooler and toddler.

According to the Montessori Philosophy, which focuses on fostering independence in children, toys should be grouped together on low shelves rather than toy boxes.


My toddler putting a puzzle back on the shelf.

The Montessori Method also recommends rotating the toys at regular intervals. Although changing and storing the toys involves a little more work for the parents, the advantages are well worth the effort:

  1. Clutter is minimized.
  2. Clean up is easier and faster.
  3. The kids don’t get bored because their toys are periodically rotated.

My preschooler, peacefully, perusing through a book.

My favorite part of their nook is the sling bookcase that houses just a few books at a time, making it easier for the kids to scan for books. Now, if only I could get my toddler to stop climbing the bookcase.

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4 Responses to Minimize Toy Clutter and Clean-Up Time

  1. Robin says:

    She’s on top of the books!!

  2. We really should be doing more of this. We have the tendency of throwing everything in giant bins, which makes for a lot of mess and disorganization even during play…

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