Ready, Set, Go!

Race through Mundane Tasks

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… No, that isn’t my biological clock ticking away, thank goodness!  My daughter’s birth, eighteen months ago, signaled the cessation of baby fever for me.

The clock I refer to is my favorite gadget – a humble kitchen timer! That in itself speaks volumes, since I am married to a techie. My husband gifts me at least a couple of thoughtful gizmos on every birthday and anniversary. I do not mean that sarcastically. I would literally be lost without the GPS system he proudly presented me with years ago.

But I digress. My simple analog timer inspires productivity and quashes procrastination. Perhaps it’s the ticking sound that serves as a physical reminder of time passing. Or, maybe, it is my inherent desire to compete and win.

Whatever it is, setting the timer at 15 minute intervals enables me to accomplish wonders. I find    myself whizzing through mundane chores like laundry, dishes and cleaning the bathrooms.  I should add that my bathrooms are pretty clean in spite of my hurrying through the job, lest people think that I sacrifice quality for racing the clock.

The timer also helps me with tasks I consider daunting, probably because psychologically 15 minutes is a small investment of time. The gadget especially comes in handy when Hurricane Toddler treats my living room as a dumping ground for all the fascinating objects she transports from all over our home. Dirty laundry, shoes, toys, crayons, books, make-up, and items from the pantry are quickly put back in place with the timer ticking in the background.

However, the lure of the timer is not just for grown-ups. My four-year-old succumbed to the power of the device as well. His dawdling at breakfast time would inevitably make us late for school. Not anymore!  Spurred into action by the timer, he downs his milk and whole grain waffle in less than fifteen minutes. We reach school five minutes before class begins!

How do you motivate yourself and the kids?

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